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Baby alpacas

We're everso excited, bit-by-bit we are growing and are pleased to annouce that, not only can you buy our lovely fleeces and yarn; but you can spin, felt, weave and dye with all of Ashford's products too!

It's official - the Alpaca Spinner is now one of the leading distributors for Ashford Wheels and Looms, and can help with all products (including those not listed on the site) as well as being able to help with the odd 'bit' that the dog has chewed! Just say what you need and we will try to sort the problem out for you!

Ashford's lovely new range of Books and DVDs are now in stock, as are all the day-to-day spinning accessories

The Alpaca Spinner continues to teach (and mentor!) as, more and more, spinning and weaving grow as a hobby in this Country

Our own yarn and fleece is sold Worldwide, with customers in the USA, Canada, all of Europe, even Japan and Australia & New Zealand


The Alpaca Spinner was honoured to play host to Richard Ashford on his recent visit from New Zealand

Richard Ashford

Richard demonstrates the Knitters Loom, or rather, a customer does!

Richard Ashford & Linzi Mason

Richard at the Knitters Loom

Kate from Ashford Spinning & Weaving

Kate, Ashford's Export Manager, on left demonstrating the new 2-speed carder



Alpaca Baby Hand Spun standard yarn

We now stock Ashford Dyes and Kits